About Netcar and the services we offer.

About us:

If you are wondering what we are all about then, quite simply, we are about saving you money. Our aim is to provide you with information and choice.

At Netcar.co.uk we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. We keep the information simple and easy to understand by breaking our services down in to a couple of main categories, these are:


What else do we do?

Aswell as this, we provide up to the minute information on car reviews and general car news. We don’t cover everything, we want to do a couple of things very well rather than many things badly.

We pull all the information together to explain in simple terms what your choices are and what you get for your money.

We’re guessing that if you’ve found us, you probably already have a very good idea of what HPI Checks are about, however, if you need to know a little more, click here for an in depth explanation.

What does it cost to use this information?

At Netcar.co.uk our information and guidance is completely free of charge. This site and the information on it is free for you to use. It doesn’t cost you anything to use this web site. All you need to do is click the link to be taken to your preferred company to buy your product. The cost to you is EXACTLY THE SAME as if you were to buy direct. In addition to saving you money we will have given you up to date information on the products available.

Please enjoy browsing the site and feel free to contribute to our blog. We do hope you find what you came for. If you feel like giving us feedback on our content or layout or you want to suggest other things you would like us to cover, please let us know using our contact form.