Beware the £1.99 Car Check.

When we search for a deal on the internet we always want to find it as cheap as possible. With the HPI Check it’s really no different. We want all the information for free and if it’s not available we’ll have it cheap as possible thanks. In response to our need for cheap services all the major car history check companies are providing basic car checks for just £1.99. “Hooray” I hear you say, well, just stop for a minute and look at what you get for your £1.99.

Let’s assume you already have a car in mind that you want to buy. Not an unreasonable assumption as you’re looking to check it’s history at this point. You’re on a tight budget so you consider the cheapest car check you can get.

MyCarCheck and TotalCarCheck both offer basic data checks for £1.99 but the problem is that critical information is missing. One of the main reasons for conducting an HPI Check is to check for outstanding finance or whether the vehicle is stolen or written off. None of this information is included with the basic check. This is for a very good reason, the providers of the reports want you to buy the more expensive check where they make a little more money and you get the vital information you need.

Our advice would be that you should really steer clear of the cheapest checks and  spend just a little bit more to protect yourself. The more expensive checks come with data integrity guarantees so they offer you even more protection for your money and they really are great value at around £9.99.

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