BMW 335i SE – Mid Range Saloon from BMW

bmw335iseBMW 335i SE

BMW’s latest creation, the BMW335i SE has a 3.0 litre engine developing 302bhp. This is a wolf in sheeps clothing. What looks like an unremarkable saloon, can throw you back in your seat.

In this day and age, where the tax man hits our pockets for high vehicle emissions, BMW have managed to plug a gap in the market. A high performance car without the high performance car penalties.

This car slots neatly between the 330i and the latest V8 M3 BMW. This latest E92 generation looks sleek and cool with a bit of muscle.

A lower and more elongated silhouette than previous models, gives the BMW 335i SE an heir of elegance, re-styled front grilles give a much cleaner look and the head lights appear to stare right at you.

By todays standards, the design of the BMW 335i SE might look a little dated. If you compare with the smooth lines of the Jaguar XF or Audi A6, this car isn’t as pretty.

Prices start around £33,420 for the SE model, and this car probably offers you more than any other 3 Series out there.

Frighteningly quick, but elegant and understated there are no obvious weak points for the BW 335i SE to overcome.