Breakdown Cover – To the Rescue

Reasons to be covered in the event of a breakdown.

breakdown coverCars today are not like the cars of old. In the good old days, if you didn’t have breakdown cover, you could fix your own car at the side of the road with some basic tools. You could even use your good ladies tights to effect a temporary repair for a broken fan belt.

Not so today. Most modern engines have plastic covers that are difficult enough to remove  never mind getting underneath.

There are hundreds of metres of wiring looms in modern cars. Everything is controlled by computers so it simply isn’t possible in the huge majority of roadside breakdowns to fix it yourself.

So, what can you do? If you’re not a member of one of the many breakdown recovery companies then you can phone an independent recovery company and have them tow you home, to the nearest garage or to a place of safety. The problem with this is, you will pay a hefty premium to be towed off the side if the road.

Whats the cost if you don’t have breakdown cover?

A recent survey determined that the average cost per mile to be towed was £1.50 Per mile. If you’re any distance away from home when you do have a problem then this will soon add up. This, coiled with a minimum call out fee, usually around £40 to £50 breaking down just 15 miles from home could cost you more than £70 just to get home. Considering you can get breakdown cover from as little as £30 per year, it makes a lot of sense to get covered just for peace of mind.

Cost is not the main reason most of us get breakdown cover. Safety and convenience were top of a recent survey on why people do have  breakdown cover.

The UK’s 2500 miles of motorway network can be a dangerous place to be when you stranded on the hard shoulder. To compare UK Breakdown cover providers in the UK, such as the AA or RAC CLICK HERE.