HPI Report – Why should I buy one?

Why do you need to buy an HPI Report?

HPI Check


Well, the fact is 1 in every 3 cars is hiding something!!
Paying to check your car details online now with HPI could save you thousands of pounds. It could be the best few quid you ever spend.


UK Statistics.

Cloned – Yours cars identity is copied and transferred to a similar vehicle.

Insurance Write off – Considered irreparable by Insurance Companies. Vehicles are repaired and sold on by criminals.

V5C Stolen Documents – Part of a batch of documents the DVLA issued warnings about in 2007/2008.

Police Stolen Register – Stolen and being sold on to an unsuspecting buyer

VIN Check – Vehicle Identification Number changed to hide the cars true identity

1 in 11 cars checked has been clocked – You could pay thousands of pounds over the true market value for your car based on the false mileage. You could end up paying out more money for costly repairs.

Almost 300,000 cars are stolen in the UK every year.

The cars “identity” is changed and sold back into the public domain at a bargain price. If the police trace the vehicle to you, you will have to give the vehicle back to its true owner and you’ll be left out of pocket.

Over 500,000 cars are written off by insurance companies annually.

A lot of these are so severely damaged that they are considered to be beyond repair by the Insurance company. Don’t risk your life,  an HPI Report could uncover something serious.

The entire process only takes a few minutes. Choose the product you want and fill out the online form with the vehicle details. In a matter of just a few seconds you can download your HPI Report. Carefully read through the entire history of the car you want to buy and pay particular attention to the highlighted warnings.