Jeep Cherokee – 2.8 Liter CRD (Common Rail Diesel).

Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD

Although a common sight on Britain’s roads these days, the new jeep cherokee still has some way to go to live up to its predecessors for durability.

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD

The original model has been around, albeit in various guises, for 17 years, and although this new generation Cherokee has been under development since 2001, it is doubtful that this new shape will still be rolling off production lines for years to come.

The Cherokee has always been targeted at those who want a 4×4 to look the part. Rugged and muscular but with good road manners. In a crowded market place, the Cherokee badge still holds its head up high and still earns respect.

The latest version offers just two engine choices across 5 different models. 4 models are fitted with the 2.8 litre CRD (Common Rail Diesel) and one model is available with the 3.7 litre petrol V6. To say the latter choice is thirsty is somewhat of an understatement, it is the Oliver Reid of the Cherokee range. The 163bhp Diesel will make up 90% of all Cherokee sales in the UK.

This 4×4 has a bit of muscle with 296 lb/ft of torque to get you off the mark, but it’s not the most refined diesel engine when idling. It’s not short of mid-range punch though, getting to 60mph in a little over 13 seconds and runs steadily up to a respectable 108mph.

Fuel consumption is surprisingly good at 36.7mpg with emissions given as 246g/km.

Originally launched in the UK in 1992, the Cherokee wasn’t exactly new, it had already served an eight year parole in the USA. Us Brits took to it though and for the briefest of moments in the nineties, it was a safer investment than property.

Few back then would have realised the Cherokee would change into what has become one of the best compact 4×4’s if dual purpose tarmac and off road duties are required.

The interior is a little disappointing, with a lot of plastic on display, but buyers will have to look past it to appreciate the talents it does offer and to realise Chrysler Jeeps’ hopes for their new baby.

If you favour ability over looks, the new Jeep Cherokee is a decent choice.