Mercedes R Class – Mercedes Benz brings families together.

mercedesrclassMercedes R Class

We love Mercedes here at Netcar. Unique innovative designs and top quality materials at ever more affordable prices.

The Mercedes R Class really made us sit up and pay attention. A welcome departure from Mercedes tradional conservative design.

This car looks like the big brother of the newly launched B-Class. Mercedes noticed that although a lot of people liked the space and utility offered by the M-Class 4×4, they didn’t really see themselves as 4×4 drivers.

Mercedes have exploited that gap and combined the handling and styling of a luxury saloon with the versatility of a 4×4. Kind of an upmarket MPV.

This is a car for the school run. A family car. Well thought and beautifully executed .

Prices for the Mercedes R Class start at just under £40,000. Not a particularly cheap starting point.

The Mercedes R Class is long at 5.157m nose to tail. 64% of the total body length is dedicated to it’s occupants and makes for a rather comfortable experience for up to 6 people.

Merceded R Class options available to you are:

  • Remote control open and close function on the tail gate.
  • Climate control. Utilising a dozen sensors around the cabin and a separate air-conditioning unit for the third row of seats.
  • Separate CD/DVD for the rear seats.
  • Panoramic sun-roof.

The Mercedes R Class isn’t all about extras though. All models come with an impressive array of equipment as standard.

Gear shift buttons on the steering wheel allows the driver to select the seven forward gears just like a Formula One race car.

Mercedes seem to be developing new vehicles at an alarming rate. They will have to slow down soon as there aren’t too many letters of the alphabet left for them to exploit.

Dont forget the Mercedes service standard. Excellent customer service and support through main dealers. Even with used cars, stick with the main dealers and marvel at how well you are treated.

Keeping your services with the main dealer, especially with prestige makes like Mercedes, maintains residual value too. Win win.

It remains to be seen whether there truly is a market for this vehicle but, invention, style and value are all in its favour. We would be very surprised to see this one fade away. Watch this space.