Nissan 350Z – Nissan goes for the home run.

nissan 350zNissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is a true success story. This sleek coupe has sold over 160,000 units since its launch in 2003.

With key rivals launching some competition this year, Nissan have had to revise the Z. This is not as easy as you might think since Nissan wouldn’t want to change what has proved to be a winning formula.

Fortunately Nissan have only improved the bits that were lacking and left the good bits alone. The Nissan 350Z is now more desireable than ever.

One motoring secret that was not so well kept back in 2005 was the 350Z’s 35th Anniversary special edition models. Nissan upgraded the engine from 276bhp to 296bhp.

Nissan have seriously looked at the improvements. They have invested heavily in redesigning the intake duct and developing new pistons. More thought has gone in to tweaking the cams and intake manifold. Improved form and function on the timing chain and oil pump. The addition of an electronic exhaust valve timing control unit makes the car a little more refined in performance. Real attention to detail, even with those parts out of sight, shows that Nissan are very serious about this car.

As for styling, changes have been kept very subtle. Nissan did not want to affect the excellent residual values of the existing 350Z’s. In reality, not much really needed to change anyway.

We cant be quite so kind about the interior though. If anything needed to be rethought on this car, it was the interior. The quality of the materials used was its main downfall. Nissan have got this just right now. Soft-feel materials for the centre console and more luxurious door trims bring much needed refinement.

The Nissan 350Z has a great look and packs a punch in both styling and performance. Nimble performance enhanced by good looks. This car is a good all round package for the price.

Better than just a sports car. This is a comfortable sports car. Nissan have got this car just about perfect.