Most Secure Cars 2013 – Independently rated and assessed.

The Most Secure Cars to Own in 2013

Ever wondered how secure your car is? or what are the the most secure cars to own.

Thatcham, market leaders in car research, set the standard by which all car security is designed in the UK today. Thatcham have developed the New Vehicle Security Rating scheme or NVSR for short. This system rates all new cars in the UK and tells you how the car rates in two categories, “Theft Of” and “Theft From”. Each year they compile a list of the most secure cars to own in the UK.

Theft of

This category rates the vehicle on a 5 star scale, 5 being the best. Rating how effective the security measures are at preventing the vehicle itself from being stolen. Close scrutiny is on the alarm, the immobiliser, door locks and unique vehicle ID.

Theft from

Again rates on the same 5 star scale, but looks for how effective the security measures are at preventing items from being stolen from the car. Specifically taking into account the alarm, the locks and the glazing.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that the information provided is completely independent and not affiliated with any vehicle manufacturer.

Obviously, some types of vehicle will be more attractive to thieves than others, but common sense should always be at the forefront of your mind. Never leave valuables on display in your vehicle, take them out of the car, or lock them out of sight in the boot.

The ratings given give no guarantee that your car will not be stolen or broken in to, but merely provide an indication whereby the higher the star rating in either category, the less likely the car is to be stolen or broken in to.

The cars detailed below were the winners of the British Insurance Car Security Awards and represent the most secure models in each vehicle category.


Theft of:
Theft From

City Car/Supermini

Citroen C3 Exclusive

Small Family Car

Citroen C4 Exclusive

Family Car

Peugeot 407 Executive

Compact MPV

Ford Focus

C-MAX Ghia


Large MPV

Renault Espace



Saab 9-3 Convertible


Performance Car

Citroen C4 VTS



Volkswagen Touareg



Audi A8


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There is no substitute for common sense. It doesn’t matter if you have one of the most secure cars on the market, if you leave your doors unlocked, or leave valuables on display, they are ripe for the picking to the opportunist thief.