Toyota Verso TR – Toyota’s hidden gem.

Toyota Verso TR

toyota versoSometimes you come across a hidden gem, and this is one of those times. The Toyota Verso TR is an excellent mini-MPV.

The exterior, at first glance, looks somewhat on the dull side, but a few extra touches of chrome on the front and back and 16” Sequoia alloy wheels, just manages to lift it above being, well, very average.

This trim on this model is loosely based on the T3 model and all the T3’s standard options are mirrored here but there are also a few additions.

The Toyota Verso has built in Bluetooth for your mobile phone with some steering wheel mounted phone controls. There is also a 6 CD multi changer, turn it up loud enough, and you wont hear your phone.

Prices start from £16,745 for a 1.8-litre VVTi model with a manual gearbox. Top of the range is the 2.2-litre D-D 140 Diesel at £17,845.

The Diesel engine is the most impressive of the options. It has an all aluminium cylinder block, which cuts down weight, and an offset piston arrangement to reduce engine noise.

The Toyata Verso seats seven, and unlike rivals in the same class, all five rear seats fold down into the floor which is very useful for those school runs with sports bags, school kids and the family dog!! You can literally fit the kitchen sink in here.

The interior finish is good quality, a variety of metallic materials accentuate the centre console.

It is a world away from familiar Toyota interior design and hopefully sets the direction for future models.

The Toyota Verso TR is a car worth taking a much closer look at. It’s a proper mini MPV, and although what it has to offer may not be immediately obvious, we believe it’s one of the best.