Car Reviews – Select Reviews of Aston Martin in the words of the manufacturer.

Car Reviews – Power Beauty Soul.

If you are looking for a brand new or second hand car you can never have enough information. The problem with car reviews is that they are all full of personal opinion. What one man likes another man hates right? So, we’ve taken the step to address only the luxury end of the car market, specifically related to Aston Martin, and decided to address only those points which are fact, not opinion.

Our car reviews will be stating the facts and figures as presented by the manufacturer. How fast. How much torque. Standard spec and all that jazz.

Why have we done that you ask? Quite simply, we love Aston Martin. We consider these cars to be the pinnacle of motorcar engineering. You can have your super cars Jeremy Clarkson, these are something more refined that deserve to be lauded from the rooftops of every car dealership in the country. Our car reviews will be akin to standing on the rooftops and shouting “this is how all cars should be made”.

OK, we may have gone  a little over the top there. However, you can’t deny that these cars are beautiful. So nice in fact, that even the everyday production cars we see today are taking subliminal design tips from the masters. The rear end of the new Jaguar XF anyone? Very Astonesque we say. The front grill of the new Ford Fiesta anyone? Could have been lifted straight from the sketchbook locked in the vault at Aston HQ.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I don’t expect Aston Martin are quaking in their boots. Aston set the standards they don’t follow them, they don’t need to. Never has that statement been clearer than in the lines and soundtrack of the new Aston Martin Vanquish.

Read on to find out more about select models and find out a little more about the company that makes motoring perfection.

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